Senin, 29 Agustus 2011

How to rename a Facebook account already limit / was not able to change name again

For MySpace users, especially for "FB Addicted" must never change the name of the profile a name that was not actually make it look more unique and interesting (often seem strange and not obvious): D

But the name change there is a limit determined by the limit-me-up. And we can not replace our name with a new name, we can only replace with the names that had been taking.

Problems frequently encountered by users FaceBook is "Why my name on FaceBook can not be replaced?" And I've change it many times? What's wrong? How do I fix this?

The following trick to change the account name who have reached the limit limit renaming, use this trick only if FB teman2 account can no longer rename

Immediately wrote his follow these steps .. :

1. Log in to Facebook.

2. Login to Account - Account Settings - Name Change

3. After the rename, click on this link:

We make it look like we tried a Facebook account compromised (hacked) by someone else and then we reinstate our account is. Well during the process of recovery account will appear Fb  option to change the name of our facebook.

4. Click the Secure Account. follow the steps. We will be asked to enter a new password, new password Why? due for recovery as if we tried a Facebook account has been compromised (hacked), so must change passwords

Beri peringkat terjemahan
5. In Step 3 (Review Changes). Review the existing options and Fix Your name, well here why we should change our name before. so. Facebook Names as if we replaced by others. that's where we are given the option name change.
6. click continue

7. activate your account

Do not use this facility again and again because Facebook will suspect your account as a SPAM resulting in your account blocked by facebook

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